QuickBooks Online Accountant gives you a Pro advantage

You want someone experienced handling your financial reporting & sensitive HR information.
You want someone who care about accuracy, regulations, and deadlines.
You want someone who you can reach the first time you call.
You want a team player and a business partner.

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Save Time

Let us do the boring data entry, reconciliation, bill pay, expense tracking, payroll, recruiting, applicant screening, benefit renewals, 401k audits, etc. so you can focus on your business.

Save Money

Get reliable, dedicated, professional service without spending all your profit.

Work Smarter

With Prime Accounting & HR on your side, you will have a business partner to help with any challenges your business faces.

Transforming your financial
information into actionable data

Your books aren't just for producing the necessary reports to file your taxes, it can be a tool to predict changes, manage spending, manage customers & inventory, budget, compare profits over different jobs, projects, months and years, and more.

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