Does The HR Management Have Any Responsibility Regarding Their Employees’ Mental Health?

Does The HR Management Have Any Responsibility Regarding Their Employees’ Mental Health?

A company’s most important asset is its staff. If you want to succeed in the market, you need to have happy, dedicated employees. And for that, you need to have a positive working environment, open communication, and the right HR policies in place.

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Many people think that HR’s only job is to release holiday memos, recruit new employees, and make the payroll. Well, that is not it. HR also is responsible for the mental health of its employees. It might sound like an unnecessary hassle, but in reality, it is essential for your business.

Mental health cannot only affect an individual’s personal life, but it can also take a toll on a person’s professional life and career. A person suffering from anxiety, depression, or any other mental health issue can impact a person’s cognitive ability, productivity, decision-making, problem-solving, and more. 

Therefore, it is within the duties of HR to look after the mental health of their employees; otherwise, you might end up losing a valuable resource.

Identifying the cause for the issue and fixing the problem is all within their jurisdiction. While HR can’t interfere in employees’ personal lives, they can help ease problems directly linked to their jobs like monetary issues that can be solved with a raise or loan.

Find out what the issue is. Are you employees under a lot of stress? Are they overworked? Do they have to do overtime? Is there a lot of politics going on within the organization? Are they unfairly treated? Are they being harassed? Find out exactly what the issue is and if others are suffering from the same problems.

Suppose an issue is prevalent within your organization, leading to a poor working environment taking a toll on employees’ mental health. In that case, there will be low productivity, shoddy quality work, and massive turnover. A hostile working environment and unrealistic expectations result in a bad reputation that discourages good resources from joining or applying to your organization.

Thus, there are three things HR should do:

  • Investigate the cause for deteriorating mental health of employees
  • Place suggestion boxes
  • Hire a wellness counselor or in-house therapist for regular counseling sessions with employees

Taking these actions will result in a sharp decline in stress levels due to a reduction in anxiety triggers and other issues that might be aggravating or simulating mental health issues. And very soon, your company will have a positive and encouraging work environment that will increase productivity, output, innovation, and creativity, and improve customer satisfaction and sales.

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