Are you an entrepreneur managing a growing start-up? If yes, you will need a strategic partner to help you manage the financial aspects of the business. At Prime Accounting & HR LLC, we offer a full range of CFO services to growing businesses without the cost and hassle of hiring an actual CFO!

Our services are tailored to your needs and budget so you can get the best CFO expertise as per your resources. We offer flexible solutions based on the size and growth stage of your company. This means you can increase (or even) decrease the number of CFO hours required in a week/month. In this way, you can benefit from our expertise without overriding your budget.

We offer services remotely. Hence, you don’t need to dedicate office space or hire a full-time CFO. And our services will cost less than hiring a full-time CFO, regardless of the duration of the contract. In fact, you can get free estimates anytime from our website to calculate your savings.

So call us today and book a 30-minute strategic session to learn more about our CFO services. We also offer Smart Business Guidance, where our experts will provide the necessary insights to help you plan for emergencies as well as future growth. Take control of your finances with Prime Accounting & HR LLC.