Tax Planning & Prep

Let’s face it. Tax season takes away the thrill of being an entrepreneur. For many aspiring small business owners, handling taxes is one of the biggest obstacles keeping them from taking the plunge into entrepreneurship. What you need is a reliable accounting service that can help you with tax planning and preparation. And that’s exactly what we offer at Prime Accounting & HR LLC.

We offer our expertise to help you with tax planning and estimated tax payments. This includes reporting and filing of quarterly payroll taxes, and compilation and filing of sales and use taxes etc. We are a group of certified and licensed tax advisors with years of experience helping start-ups with their taxes. We make tax filing a hassle-free experience, whether it’s end-of-the-year company returns or individual business owner returns.

Of course, not all tax is bad, and our experts can also help you capitalize on possible incentives that you may be missing out on. Ultimately, we’ll help your company become as tax efficient as possible. Call us today to get a free quote on our services, or book a consultation session to learn more about our tax solutions for your business.